The Polish Skeptics’ Club in cooperation with the Czech Skeptics’ Club Sisyfos is holding the 17th biannual European Skeptics Congress 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland, September 22nd – 24th, under the auspices of ECSO European Council for Skeptical Organisations.

In 2017, as we acknowledge the 120th anniversary of André-Jacques Garnerin first parachute jump, it is the time for the skeptic community to take a leap of faith out of the comfort of academic discussion into interaction with the public.

Newly, the minds of the alternative scene will be invited to participate, making the ESC 2017 into a platform of much-needed communication and opening the door for further discussion.
That is why, apart from the traditional lectures and talks, this Congress will include discussion panels on the following topics:

  • Science & Religion
  • Skeptical Psychology
  • GMOs
  • Science, Pseudoscience & Media
  • Education & Critical Thinking
  • Paranormal Investigation
  • Exorcisms & Science

The ESC 2017 will also address the resurgence of exorcisms.  
Additionally, both the Polish Skeptics and the Czech Skeptics feel that the concept of Critical Thinking is not being explored enough in the European education system and thus the Congress will have workshops for the public devoted to addressing this gap, both for adults and children.



Q: What language will be spoken at the congress?

A: English is the uniting language of the European skeptic community, so the congress will be in English.

The free workshops for the local public will be in the local language – Polish. More info [HERE]


Q: I am not a member of any skeptic organization. Can I attend the congress?

A: YES!!! Definitely, we are happy to see new people interested in skeptic topics.