Eliza Celoch

Theater workshops for students in grades IV-V of primary school

On the unique theater workshops, where the art really meets the science, and participants will learn about natural phenomena ... and about secrets of their psyche.
We invite children of IV and V grades of primary school to the creative adventure, joyful experimentation and journey into the world of science ... and all this together with the constant development of communication skills and creativity, which numerous games and theater fun will provide. We will derive from different traditions - mime, physical theater, drama, method of impro. We'll see how we could move the scientific debate on stage. What means of expression will we use? How our artistic story about what is rational will be perceived? Is the so-called hard science can be an interesting subject for a play?
Come and see.
Eliza Celoch Master of arts, graduate of the Faculty of Sciences of the Theatre in the Theatre Academy  A. Zelwerowicz in Warsaw, currently studying Theatre Pedagogy at the University of Warsaw (organized by the Institute of Polish Culture and Theatre Institute Z. Raszewski). She took part in the workshop "Drama and theater education" organized by the Association of Drama Practitioners Stop-frame in the Theatre Academy A. Zelwerowicz in Warsaw. She has carried out theater workshops according to author program, inspired by drama method. He is also a graduate of the National School of Music II degree (title of music instrumentalist in the field of piano).

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